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Free console games on Instagram? Not exactly…

Today we have a roundup of fake “free game” sites found on Instagram. Anyone with children in their family who can’t get enough of freebies online may want to gently steer them away from the below.

1. 3ds_free_games_4_u/

First up, an Instagram profile claiming to offer free Nintendo 3DS titles


Free 3DS games scam

Free games codes are available! Download now eshop-codes-giveaway(dot)xyz


The link leads to one of those fake generators so beloved of scammers everywhere, located at


3DS games generator

Alongside adding an email address, the victim can choose to keep “anti ban protection” enabled and also “use a proxy” before hitting the Generate button which inevitably leads to surveys under the guise of “human verification”.


2. freegamersgiveaway

Moving swiftly on from Nintendo to Xbox, we have an Instagram feed leading to another similar site. freegamersgiveaway leads to:


free giveaway
100 percent legit

More surveys are the order of the day, although in testing the survey page wouldn’t even load up. Whoops! As a sidenote, I particularly liked the time travelling copyright notice from 2023:

future dated copyright

3. freeps4games_

Finally, we have a PS4 phish, because we couldn’t finish off our roundup without some SONY action:
free ps4 games

Free PS4 games! Just check that site!


Clicking the link leads to


There’s a number of free games to choose from, but the important thing to note is that the site is asking for an email and password. Handing those over would be a bad idea, and anyone who prizes their login credentials should keep tight hold of them. These free game sites tend to come in waves, but you’re never far from running into one – from Youtube to Facebook, you can bet somebody will be pushing “offers” such as the above in your general direction before long. In situations such as these, it’s probably best to reach for the off switch and go ride a bike instead.

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

Former Director of Research at FaceTime Security Labs. He has a very particular set of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare for threats like you.