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A week in security (Apr 24 – Apr 30)

Last week we gave some important tips on how to secure your privay on Android and we warned our readers about a new iCloud scam and unraveled a new Mac Malware known as OSX.Dok.

Tech support scammers can be very convincing, so we showed you how you can determine whether you are dealing with the actual company or someone pretending to be their tech support. Also, Tech support scams are so lucrative that some PUPs, specifically “system optimizers”, decided to increase their playing field to include scamming.

We also made a start with a new series about Adware and took a quick peek at the changes the Terror Exploit Kit is going through. And we gave you a more detailed overview of how the EITest campaign tries to trick users into downloading a fake font file.

We realize how all this advice can be overwhelming and posted some tips on how to fight security fatigue.

Below are notable news stories and security-related happenings:


Stay safe!


The Malwarebytes Labs Team