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A week in security (July 31 – August 6)

Last week we explored some basic PowerShell commands, dived into the new methods used by TrickBot, and wrote at length about the Magnitude exploit kit redirection chain. Our teams were busy at both BlackHat and DefCon, and outside of those famous hallways, we also took time to fire up some basic PowerShell programs.

Naturally the two big security events have consumed most of the column inches this past week, but even so there’s still a couple of notable security stories floating around.

Latest updates for Consumers

WannaCrypt victims paid out over $140k in Bitcoin to get files unscrambled: Victims of Ransomware continue to pay the price (source: The Register)

Web Developer for Chrome compromised: A timeline of how a Chrome extension was taken over by bad actors (source: Blog on Chris Pederick)

iOS users beware: You’re the biggest target for mobile phishing attacks: Keep a close eye on your trusty Apple devices (source: TechRepublic)

Nigerian man charged in US phishing scam: Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the phishers do get brought to justice (source: VOA News)

Divorce, wiretapping, and email: This domestic fallout has it all (source: The Register)

Stay safe, everyone!

Malwarebytes Lab Team