Know your threats: the nine scariest malware monsters

Know your threats: the nine scariest malware monsters

It’s been a particularly ghoulish year in cybersecurity, from Russian hacks to ransomware outbreaks. The bad boogey man in the black hoodie has been pulling one over the collective public. It’s dark and creepy, but users refuse to stop peeking behind the door.

It’s enough to make even the most grizzled IT admin run for the hills. Wait…no. Avoid the hills. They have eyes.

So instead of turning tail at the first sign of trouble, you can overcome your cybersecurity fears by facing them. Look at these nine scariest malware monsters in the eyes (or eye), and let them know you’re onto them. The more you know about their devious ways, the better you can protect yourself from their attacks.

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Wendy Zamora

Editor-at-Large, Malwarebytes Labs

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