A week in security (April 02 – April 08)

A week in security (April 13 – 19)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we looked at how to avoid Zoom bombing, weighed the risks of surveillance versus pandemics, and dug into a spot of WiFi credential theft.

Other cybersecurity news:

  • Malware creeps back into the home: With a pandemic forcing much of the workforce into remote positions, it’s worth noting that a study found malware on 45 percent of home office networks. (Source: TechTarget)
  • Free shopping scam: Coronavirus fraudsters attempt to cash in on people’s fears with fake free offers at Tesco. (Source: Lincolnshire Live)
  • Browser danger: Researchers tackle a fake browser extension campaign that targets users of Ledger and other plugins. (source: MyCrypto/PhishFort)
  • Phishing for cash: Research shows how phish kit selling is a profitable business. (Source: Help Net Security)
  • Big problem, big bucks: The FTC thinks Americans have lost out to the tune of 13 million dollars thanks to coronavirus scams. (Source: The Register)
  • Facebook tackles bots: A walled off simulation has been created to dig deep into the world of scams and trolls. (Source: The Verge)
  • Apple of my eye: Apple remains the top brand for phishing scammers to target. (Source: CISO Mag)
  • Fake Valorant beta keys: Reports have surfaced of fake tools promising access to upcoming game Valorant’s beta, with horribly predictable results. (Source: CyberScoop)

Stay safe, everyone!