Hello Folks! In this Videobyte, we’re talking about why brute force attacks are increasing and why that is a problem for everyone.

The number of RDP ports exposed to the Internet grew from about three million in January 2020 to over four and a half million in March.  The reason for this increase is likely the shift to working from home by many organizations during the pandemic.

Attackers have taken notice of this trend and as a result we've seen an increase in criminals targeting vulnerable RDP ports to infiltrate a system or network and manually launch malware. This method of intrusion is less common than the automated approach of sending phishing emails.

This video talks about reasons why we are seeing an increase in RDP port attacks and it also provides tips on how to protect yourself.

An increase in RDP attacks means an increase in manual attacks, where criminals are actively pushing their way onto a network.  Using this approach, attackers could disable security controls that allow additional threats to run on the network, like ransomware or information stealing trojans.