Upgrade your protection with Privacy

The security you’ve always trusted now protects you beyond your devices.

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Stop hackers everywhere

We are socializing and sharing online more than ever. Whether you’re at work, at home, or on public WiFi, hackers could be trying to steal your data. Malwarebytes Privacy secures your connection with 256-bit encryption.

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Faster than traditional VPNs

As a Malwarebytes customer, you know we engineer our products for speed and performance. Malwarebytes Privacy is no different. It gives you all the security benefits of a traditional VPN with less lag.


Prevent online tracking

Your device might be clear of adware, but when you go online, advertisers may use your IP address to track your activity across sites. Malwarebytes Privacy can help you stop them by assigning you a virtual IP address.

Switches up your location

Malwarebytes Privacy gives you the ability to make it appear like you’re connecting to the Internet from a different country so you can possibly view new content.


Find a server for any situation

The VPN server you choose affects your speed and online experience. With 180+ servers in 30+ countries, Malwarebytes Privacy makes it easy to find a fast server for your needs.

Connects confidently

Once you’re connected to the VPN server, Malwarebytes Privacy does not retain or log any data related to web traffic, DNS requests, IP addresses, bandwidth or network connections. Learn more

A smart UI with single-click simplicity

Step 1

Sign in to your Malwarebytes account at my.malwarebytes.com.

Step 2

Click the “Add Privacy Protection” option on your Subscription page.

Step 3

Review your order and click “Submit Order.” You will receive an activation email.


Note: For your convenience we will continue to use the same activation key as your subscription to Malwarebytes Premium.

Tech specs

Software requirements

Windows 7 (or higher)

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