Ditch the Label, an anti-bullying charity organization based on Brighton, UK and member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, published their annual study called “The Wireless Report (2014)”, revealing that the number of victims of cyberbullying in the UK doubled within the last year.

As more and more children are getting connected, possibly without proper briefing from parents or carers about the dangers they may find online, more and more are left at risk and vulnerable.

Below are other findings from this study:

  • More than half of survey respondents, from ages 13 to 25 years of age, who received abuse online do not report it. The victims thought the experience wasn’t serious enough
  • Three of the most popular apps used by respondents are Snapchat (74%), Instagram (68%), and Skype (67%)
  • Grindr, Kik, and Skype are the top apps cyberbullies use to send nasty private messages to their targets
  • Some of the nature of the messages the victims receive from their cyberbullies involve hacking, death and physical assault threats, and exposure of information
  • After receiving abuse, most victims feel insecure physically and emotionally, and less confident about themselves
  • Most respondents see sending naked pictures of themselves as “harmless fun”
You can read more findings from “The Wireless Report (2014)” here.

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