Malwarebytes Labs wants your feedback

Malwarebytes Labs wants your feedback

So in an effort to continue bringing you awesome security news and information to help you stay safe online, we want your feedback! We are opening up a limited questionnaire to see how you like Malwarebytes Labs, what kind of content you are interested in, and get a little bit of information about our readers.  In return, after we finish (2 weeks from today) we will do a drawing to give away some Amazon Gift Card codes, each for $25!


We want to thank all of our readers who continue to come to Malwarebytes Labs to learn about the latest threats and deep analysis concerning the kind of stuff we are fighting every day. Please share this post with anyone you might know who enjoy our posts so we can make sure the future of Malwarebytes Labs is just as awesome as it has been over the years.

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Thanks again!