A week in security (April 02 – April 08)

A week in security (May 25 – 31)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we published our most recent episode of our podcast Lock and Code, providing an in-depth discussion on web browser privacy, looked at the membership bump for the Coalition against Stalkerware, and dug into EDR solutions. We also looked at twists added to the threat scene by Maze Ransomware.

Other cybersecurity news

  • Warnings abound that unemployment claim scams are on the rise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source: WKZO) 
  • Zoom bombing brings serious consequences: The FBI are investigating zoom bombers deploying illegal imagery and videos on unsuspecting victims. (Source: The Hill)
  • Fake news, free speech: There are claims that some Governments are using the pandemic, and information related to it, as a way to potentially crack down on free speech. (Source: Foreign Policy)
  • Prepping for 5G conspiracy theories: A look at how the DHS is getting itself  ready for the  inevitable wave of tall tales hitting the US. (Source: Wired)
  • Student discovers security / doorbell camera flaws: A computer science student contacted many big industry players to explain where things may be going wrong. (Source: Help Net Security)
  • Ransomware attacks continue: There may be a pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped some individuals from causing mayhem anyway. (Source: WRBL)

Stay safe, everyone!