Lock and Code S1Ep10: Pulling apart the Internet of Things with JP Taggart

Lock and Code S1Ep5: Mythbusting and understanding VPNs with JP Taggart

This week on Lock and Code, we discuss the top security headlines generated right here on Labs and around the Internet. In addition, we talk to JP Taggart, senior security researcher at Malwarebytes, about VPNs—debunking their myths, explaining their actual capabilities, and providing some advice on what makes a strong VPN.

Tune in for all this and more on the latest episode of Lock and Code, with host David Ruiz.

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We cover our own research on:

Plus other cybersecurity news:

  • What a deal: details of 267 Million Facebook users for 500 Euros. (Source: Medium.com)
  • Smart IoT home hubs are vulnerable to remote code execution attacks. (Source: ZDNet)
  • Automated bots are increasingly scraping data and attempting logins. (Source: DarkReading)
  • A new Android trojan targets banking customers with overlay attacks. (Source: ThreatPost)
  • Severe vulnerability in OpenSSL allows DoS attacks. (Source: SecurityWeek)
  • Vivaldi adds built-in tracker and ad blocker to latest browser version. (Source: TechSpot)

Stay safe, everyone!