Justin Bieber themed 419 Mails are Heartbreakers

Justin Bieber themed 419 Mails are Heartbreakers

We’re seeing examples of rather bizarre spam being sent out from a couple of different addresses. They begin with a message from someone claiming to be Justin Bieber, and by the end of it he’s trying to convince victims to sign up with a Swedish bank to stake their claim in half a million USD.

The reason for this is that his mother won’t let him give donations away so they have to be done in secret.

Is it Friday yet? I think my head hurts.

Subject: I, justin bieber, authenticate this email of a donation to you To: [snip]

I, justin bieber, authenticate this email of a donation to you, Email me, i will respond to you on my intention.


Short, weird and probably more than a little tempting to any fan of the chap with the funny hats. There have been a number of examples posted online of this one [1], [2], [3], [4], [5] but up until now, no responses for us to take a look at.

I also tried to illicit a response from our supposed Mr. Bieber – however, at time of writing nothing had come back. But fear not! A fresh result has risen to the top of the Google pile, and we can see what our pop star wannabe was sending to any potential victim who replied.

Dear Friend,

I appreciate you for writing back as I have expected. I got your Email from a Web journal and Felt strongly to Write to you. I don’t need to introduce my self again, i am the son of Pattie Mallette, i was born (March 1,1994 at 12:56am ) from (Stratford,Ontario,Canada) where i attended Avon Public School,BedFord Public School,and Downie Central Public School, But later Droped out. i grow up with the help of my lovely dad (Jeremy) i discover myself through (youtube) You can read more about me on my webpage [snip] DONATION PAGE: mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/justin-bieber-donates-545k-aids-3608690

Hm, trying to prove his credentials. He then goes on to say how he has been trying to give generous donations to people, but his mother won’t let him.

This is where you come in.

10% of my worth have been in a Private Deposit Putting away for a Long time now and it has reached an Amount of $ 15,000,000.00. I am trying to cede this money in portions through the bank i am donating 680,000.00 USD to individuals to promote their standard of living and also donating 545,000.00 USD to AIDs Charity and 200,000.00 USD to Fire Service.

Now, after all this being Said, if you know you are READY to Receive the funds $680,000.00 (Six Hundred and Eighty Thousand United State Dollars) Kindly introduce Yourself to me in details:.

Full Name: Contact Address: Age: Occupation: Phone Number:

Then I will give you a letter to Receive your PORTION of the Money from my Private Bank in Sweden, This is my Personal Money and does not need many formal procedures, some beneficiaries have received theirs.

Uh oh.

Ensure to put into apprise notification that there is a deadline for my donation as i have limited time and access to my computer this is as a result of me travelling to Other continent for AUDITION..

As I await your Response, I wish you a wonderful Day.

Faithfully, Justin Bieber

Yes, of course you are. The follow-up email to this one is even better, and talks of having to work with a rep from a Swedish bank to get everything moving and speed up the transfer of $680,000 USD to the victim’s personal bank account.

NOTE: Am already Preparing a new webpage with Google Team, You will send me a picture of yourself for me, am going to send it to google team to add you to my webpage immediately you receive my donation.

Amazing. Half a million in cash AND a picture on Justin’s website!

Should you receive one of these missives, send it straight back down to the bottom of the email charts and riverdance all over that delete key.

While this is a very silly attempt to make money (though perhaps not as silly as the 419 spaceman) it could definitely lure in young minds who are unaware of the perils of fake mails landing in their inbox.

If you have any Bieber fans in your household, you may want to give them a heads up – and a Daft Punk CD…

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

Former Director of Research at FaceTime Security Labs. He has a very particular set of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare for threats like you.