A week in security (December 04 – December 10)

A week in security (December 04 – December 10)

Last week on the blog, we looked at a RIG EK malware campaign, explored how children are being tangled up in money mule antics, took a walk through the world of Blockchain, and gave a rundown of what’s involved when securing web applications. We also laid out the trials and tribulations of the Internet of Things, advised you to be on the lookout for an urgent TeamViewer update, tore down the disguise of new Mac malware HiddenLotus, sighed at the inevitability of a Napoleon-themed piece of ransomware, and unveiled our New Mafia report.

Other news

  • Bitcoin chaos as NiceHash is compromised and thousands of Bitcoins go wandering into the void, potentially to the tune of $62m. (source: Reddit)
  • How easy is it to make a children’s toy start swearing? This easy. (source: The Register)
  • Chrome 63 is now available and comes with multiple security improvements and additions. (source: Chrome updates website)
  • Phishers are slowly turning to HTTPs scam sites—but why? (source: PhishLabs)
  • The Andromeda Botnet is finally dismantled by law enforcement. (source: Help Net Security)
  • If you try to hack your friends out of jail, you may well end up joining them. (source: MLive)
  • Perfect email spoofs? Oh dear. (source: Wired)
  • Think you’ll be getting a ransom out of North Carolina, think again. (source: Chicago Tribune)

Stay safe, everyone!