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Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks malicious websites, fake tech support scams, browser hijackers and more. 

for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, & Safari

Get a fast, safe browsing experience

Stops malware in your

Blocks web pages that contain malware, stops in-browser cryptojackers (unwanted cryptocurrency miners), and gives other malicious content the boot.

Puts the hurt on tech support scammers

Identifies and stops browser lockers, browser hijackers, and other scare tactics tech support scammers use to con you out of money.

Protects your privacy

Blocks trackers that follow you around the Internet and target you with the same ads over and over again.

Block ads & load pages faster

Speeds up how fast web pages display by blocking ads and other unwanted content, providing a cleaner experience and increased bandwidth.

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for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari

Stop trackers and scams

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See what we’ve blocked on your current website

See the number of ads, trackers, and malicious code blocked by the app on the website you are currently browsing. 

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View statistics on ads blocked

See the number of ads/trackers blocked during the last 30 days. You can also click to see the amount  of malware, scams, and PUPs blocked. 

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Block malicious web pages

In addition to blocking ads, Browser Guard will block malicious web pages to protect against threats like ransomware, suspicious downloads, and more. 

Don’t take our word for it

“Like it. Have not gotten a single ‘Tech Support’ browser lock since installing this. Saved what little is left of my sanity.”

‒ Matt B.
Chrome Web Store

“I use these on multiple browsers. It works great, especially at preventing me from visiting websites that have trojans and crypto hidden in them.”

‒ Jean O.
Chrome Web Store

“This is the best browser safety extension by a country mile, in comparison to the others this one actually works and on top of that it doesn’t slow you down—5/5. A fantastic Add-on.”

‒ John G.
Firefox Add-ons


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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

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