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HiddenApp is a type of Trojan that will install additional apps or libraries without user’s knowledge and consent. Often the payloads will contain additional malware or adware.

Type and source of infection

HiddenApp will attempt to hide its purpose by posing as a legitimate app, but can also be found as a fake app. These apps are usually found in third-party file shares and app markets. The Trojan can also install as Device Administrator, which allows for silencing installing apps.


Infection occurs when an app with malicious code is installed. These infected apps will run as described, like a game or productivity app, but behind the scenes the payload will be delivered.


The best protection is to install mobile apps from a trusted source and read reviews. Running anti-malware like Malwarebytes for Android will help with an extra layer of protection.

Malwarebytes for Android protects against Android/Trojan.HiddenApp.


These apps can be uninstalled using the mobile devices uninstall functionality, the tricky part is identifying the offending behavior and app. That is where Malwarebytes for Android can help by identifying these apps and remove.