Welcome to Malwarebytes Unpacked

Malwarebytes was founded with the community in mind. Facebook, Twitter, our forums, and countless other outlets have allowed us to communicate with you, our community. We felt a major piece was missing. Welcome to Malwarebytes Unpacked. Malwarebytes Unpacked is the official Malwarebytes blog providing you with the latest exciting news and cutting edge research directly from the trenches.

We’re looking to blow your mind. Our authors are veterans of the war on malware and are anxious to share their experiences. Allow me to introduce.

Marcin Kleczynski Me? I run the show. I’ll mainly be writing about company news and my experiences at Malwarebytes. Occasionally, you’ll get a rant about toolbars and the like.

Marcus Chung Marcus keeps it together. As Chief Operating Officer, he’ll talk about his experiences working with our strategic partners, working with our product management teams, and more.

Doug Swanson Doug’s a builder. As VP of Development he’ll introduce you to the scary side of malware. Expect articles about malware countermeasures and the frustrations of building software that fights malware.

Robert Hafner As VP of IT, Robert overlooks the online services that help us deliver our products to you. As a security company we’re attacked thousands of times each day, keeping Robert especially busy.

Adam Kujawa Adam’s our go-to guy when it comes to dissecting malware. Hand him a malicious file and he’ll tell you where it came from, what it does, and what it had for breakfast.

Our writers are working diligently to provide exciting content for you and we hope you enjoy it. Check back soon for our first post!


Marcin Kleczynski

CEO and Co-Founder of Malwarebytes

Likes long walks on the beach and hates fish.