Found Serving Malware Found Serving Malware

In perhaps a bit of irony, the humor website was flagged by Google’s Safe Browsing Technology. is a website derived from the original “Cracked” magazine back in the 1950’s. The website was formed in 2007 and has been making people laugh ever since. At least until it started infecting computers.

cracked as it normally appears, after the malicious script was removed.” height=”676″ width=”988″ class=”wp-image-2491 aligncenter”>

Barracuda Networks was the first to spot the drive-by-downloads and detailed them in a blog post here.

According to their research, was serving malicious JavaScript which redirected users to, a domain registered on 11/4/2013. From there an iframe redirects to, where various PDF, Java, and JavaScript files are sent to the browser in an effort to exploit the host. When it succeeds, malware is installed on the host PC. Malwarebytes detects the sample dropped as Spyware.Zbot.ED.


Barracuda Networks has commented that has suffered several compromises, and was labeled as a “reoccurring problem”.

High-profile websites are often targeted by hackers since they receive a lot of visitors. Examples of popular websites that have suffered breaches in the past are NBC and the PHP website.

Thankfully Google flagged the website, likely saving thousands of visitors from a potential infection. currently appears safe, but site visitors may want to exercise caution if security does not improve.


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