BrowserStack: "We did get hacked."

Paperghost is now Haunting Malwarebytes!

At Malwarebytes, we do our best to gather the most talented and creative malware researchers we can in order to better fight the unending sea of malware and other online threats.

Our newest edition to the team is a very well-known security researcher known by his Twitter handle @paperghost.

His real name is Christopher Boyd and his experience proves that his time here at Malwarebytes should be, at the very least, exciting.

He spent the last nine months working as a Senior Threat Researcher for ThreatTrack Security and before that over three years at GFI/Sunbelt Software, who develop GFI sandbox.

He served as the Director of Malware Research for FaceTime and now he works with us on the Malware Intelligence team, researching new threats, be it scams, hacks or malware attacks.

His previous achievements include being a SIX-time (count ’em: SIX) Microsoft MVP in Consumer Security and Google thanking him for his contributions to responsible disclosure.  

He has spoken at numerous conferences like RSA, InfoSec and SecTor and even has his own Wiki page!

Finally, he is credited with finding the first instance of a rogue web browser installing without permission, the first Twitter DIY Botnet kit, the first IM Rootkit and the first Worm on the Google Orkut network!

We are very glad to have Chris on our team to help us fight against the dangers of the web with an experienced eye and talent that makes our efforts even stronger than before.

Thanks for reading and safe surfing!


Adam Kujawa

Director of Malwarebytes Labs

Over 14 years of experience fighting malware on the front lines and behind the scenes. Frequently anachronistic.