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The Rise of Android Scarevertising

Android scareware, in the form of mobile advertising pop-ups alert to a potential infection on your device, are on the rise. Fellow researcher Jerome Segura came across one using similar tactics we’ve written about in the past.

In this scam, the mobile ad pop-up warns of my device having 13 infections and offers a way to remove them.

There is no actual scan or malware found, but links to an app with an unfamiliar name in security, Teebik. I was unable to find much information about Teebik Mobile Security.

Teebik’s Facebook page is interesting in that their “Contact Info” links to Lookout Security and under “About” it says Armor for Android — two different companies with their own Mobile Security offerings — perhaps Teebiks way of adding some legitimacy, most customers wouldn’t know the difference.


Typically these scareware tactics are used by malicious apps, but what we’re seeing more and more advertisers using them to drive traffic to generate revenue.

If you encounter one of these pop-ups while browsing, please ignore, we suggest running a scan with a trusted and reputable security solution.

We’ll continue to track these mobile ads and look into Teebik.


Armando Orozco

Senior Malware Intelligence Analyst

Faux geek who likes to keep it bland. Experienced in behavioral, PC, and mobile technologies.