A Week in Security (April 13 – 19)

A Week in Security (May 11 – 17)

Here’s a review of last week’s posts on Malwarebytes Unpacked:

  • “Your Photos Are being Used” Phishing Lure (Fraud/Scam Alert) An old Facebook scam makes an appearance once more to cause slight worry and panic to users, especially when real-life cases of people using photos from others without consent is practiced by many.
  • Paypal Phishing Flood (Fraud/Scam Alert) Malwarebytes researchers have noticed a sudden uptick of Paypal phishing scams over the week. We highlighted it in this post.
  • This Apple ID Phish is Multilingual (Fraud/Scam Alert) Phishers continue to target Apple users. This time, they offer them the option of choosing the language they’re comfortable with when accessing the fraud Web page.
  • eBay Giftcard Spam Mails in Circulation (Privacy) Spam carrying the eBay name has been in circulation for a long time. However, supposedly free giftcards is quite seasonal. This spam mainly targets US users, asking them for basic information like name, address, and ZIP code—information which are actually valuable to cybercriminals.

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