Fake Cloud Storage Mails Lead to Canadian Pharmacy Sites

Fake Cloud Storage Mails Lead to Canadian Pharmacy Sites

We’re seeing a number of emails claiming that image files have been uploaded to the web, or have simply been damaged somehow.

Here’s one claiming to be from “Box”, which as you may already know is a Cloud content management service:

Fake file damage

The rather sparse mail reads:

Your files has been damaged.

DSC_6779.jpg DSC_3733.jpg DSC_3669.jpg DSC_1471.jpg DSC_5673.jpg DSC_8050.jpg

The large “View Images” button leads clickers to a Canadian pharmacy spam page.

Canadian Pharma

We’ve seen a few others like the above but in those cases the final destination was already offline, so it’s hard to say exactly what they were trying to send people to.

Here’s one stating that your files have been uploaded, this time from “Drive”. SkyDrive / OneDrive? Google Drive? I have no idea, but here it is anyway:

Drive spam

Don’t panic if confronted with mysterious messages about damaged files or uploads you know nothing about. It’s just a slice of spammy clickbait which can be safely ignored.

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

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