Popular Japanese blog platform affected by malicious redirections

Senpai has noticed me (and swiped my login)

Users of popular Manga site Mangatrader(dot)com are faced with the news that their account information has potentially been shared out to the wider world thanks to a hack over the last day or so. As per the website:


Early on June 09th 2014 EDT we discovered that someone had gained unauthorized access to our web server. All the contents of our database were downloaded and released to the internet. This data included private user information such as email addresses and obscured passwords for all registered users.

A Reddit post claims this means up to 280k accounts may be out in the wild, and of course anybody downloading Manga without paying for it – while reusing logins on accounts tied to real world identities – could find themselves in a spot of bother.

The forum is currently down, but here’s the number of members registered on the forum from the most recent Internet Archive page:

member tally

The site is clearly home to a significant userbase and a large haul of logins posted online will certainly cause no end of headaches for registered users. Expect the fallout from this one to last for quite some time…

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

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