Philippine Government Site Infected with Spam Code

Philippine Government Site Infected with Spam Code

Official website of the Department of Agriculture (DA) - Philippines

An online security repository of bad links has recently flagged the official website of the Department of Agriculture (Kagawaran ng Pagsasaka), which is owned and maintained by the Philippine government, as harbouring malware.

We have determined that six pages, including the default page, have been injected with a Blackhat SEO spam code. Below is a list of other infected pages:

  • “Contact Us” page
  • “Advisory Banner” page
  • “About Us” page
  • Department Mission/Vision page
  • History of DA page

Below is a screenshot of the code we found:

SEO spam code

Take note, dear Reader, that visiting the above infected pages will not get you infected; however, you will be contributing to the increase of the page rank of the gambling-related URL we can see in the code.

We have reason to believe that the DA site has been hacked because of the presence of the injected code. Readers are advised to avoid accessing the website entirely until the administrators are able to remove the code and make sure that it’s safe to visit.

Malwarebytes has already reported the infection to the DA.

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