A Week in Security (April 13 – 19)

A Week in Security (Aug 17 – 23)

Here’s a review of last week’s posts on Malwarebytes Unpacked:

  • Fake Evernote Extension Serves Advertisements (Malware Analysis) Security researcher Joshua Cannell gave us a break down of a fake Evernote Google Chrome browser extension. This potentially unwanted program (PUP) displays advertisements in context to what the user is currently browsing. We believe that such ads may lead to the download of other PUPs.
  • Blackphone, privacy centric device (Hacked and Unpacked) In this post, security researcher Jean Taggart discussed his first-hand experience with the Blackphone, the mobile phone that promises private and secure communication for its users.
  • Def Con 22 (Conferences) Security researcher Andrew Brown narrated his experiences while attending DEF CON, a prestigious yearly conference forever held in Las Vegas, from the 7th of August to the 10th.
  • Tech Support scammers rip big brand security software with fake warnings (Fraud/Scam Alert) Senior security researcher Jérôme Segura came out with another fraud / scam writeup about fake tech support scammers. He revealed fake pages of popular antivirus brands, including Malwarebytes, and the creators of these fake download files.
  • The Price of FREE! (Online Security) We found a number of popular online brands offering free services—Ticketbud, Goodsie, Soup, and FruitNotes among others—becoming an unlikely launchpad to spammy content. The nature of the contents were captured in screenshots and presented for each website service.

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