Phony My Team Voice App Being Spread on Steam Chat

Website Promises “Unlimited Steam Wallet Funds”…

The Steam Wallet is something you can use to place funds in your Steam account, either by adding money directly or redeeming Steam wallet codes. Here’s a site which claims to offer up a Steam Wallet Hack Tool:


Get unlimited Steam Wallet funds!

Get as much as $100 in under 10 seconds / features software detector plugins and bypass modules that is completely invisible to the Steam app

Steam wallet site

The download button leads to a survey prompt:

Survey time

We were presented with various installs and offers, but no matter what we tried we were never offered up the supposed .rar file.

If you see sites offering up something-for-nothing programs where Steam is concerned (or anything else for that matter), think long and hard on the old “If it seems too good to be true…” adage.

Methods of extracting freebies from major software publishers are extremely rare, and they definitely do not get placed behind cookie-cutter survey gateways.

We’ve previously looked at sites riding on the coat-tails of the Steam Wallet back in September, and you can bet there’s a lot more URLs out there doing similar things.

There is no magic bullet for free Steam credit, and you should treat any site claiming to have the “solution” with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

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