Beware of Risky Ads on Tumblr

“Personality Type” App Doing the Rounds on Tumblr

We’re seeing a fair bit of activity over on Tumblr right now, in relation to a “personality type” app in circulation.

Here’s an example post:


It reads as follows:

There are 16 personality types. This app can draw your personality profile analyzing your Tumblr account, including your posts and tags

The “Give it a try” link leads to a shortening URL, which currently returns the following stats:

* Created 19 hours ago

* 21, 025 total clicks

* 10,878 clicks in Chrome, second highest is iPhone with 5,422

* Most of the visitors come from the US, with 11,501 visitors

The link itself takes clickers to a Tumblr app install page:

Tumblr app

“Is it alright for this application to access some of your data and make posts to your account?”

Should the visitor allow the install, they’ll be taken to the following page:

Clicking “Begin Download” changed the wording to “Start your free trial with VideoStripe now”- clicking again? A sign-up page for what appears to be a streaming service:

Sign up time


Away from offers and sign-ups, the person installing the Tumblr app would find they now have a new post on their blog asking visitors to give a personality type app a try….and round we go, back to the start.

If you’ve installed this app but would rather remove it from your Tumblr account, do what Tumblr says in relation to app removal and revoke access from the settings in the apps area.

We see a lot of things bouncing around Tumblr, and we’re sure we’ll write a few more blogs on the same subject before the year is out.

Christopher Boyd



Christopher Boyd

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