Are these Free Movies the Reel Deal?

Sites Offering Free Netflix Accounts: Good Luck With That

We’ve seen a number of Netflix themed websites which claim to offer up accounts / logins for fans of TV and movie streaming to get their fix without having to register or pay up to use the service. Shall we take a look at what’s on offer?

1) freenetflixaccount(dot)info

This one is rather cookie-cutter and claims to have lots of accounts up for grab, linking to numerous “Netflix premium account” URLs further down the page.

However, all of the live links lead to the same survey page:



To get your hands on the supposed account credentials, you’d have to fill in an offer or sign up to whatever happens to be presented to you. Am I sensing an incoming theme here?…

2) freenetflixaccountasap(dot)com

This website has the visitor play an extremely long-winded and elaborate game of “click the thing”, distracting them with lots of options to choose from in order to watch some movies.

sign up page


CAPTCHAs, languages, region, OS….it’s all very nice. There’s even a pie chart (actually, there’s quite a few pie charts).

According to the text underneath the many scrolling blue bars, they claim to log you into an account from your chosen region via proxy, set up a bunch of options then log you out. They then “upload the account details” to Fileice, and ask the visitor to “Click below to download the login details”.



You have to do what now

After all of that, clicking the button sends them to….a survey page.


Interesting to note that the “newly created” page has an entry on VirusTotal from just over a week ago, so we can add time travel to the list of accomplishments on display here.

3) netflix(dot)hack-team(dot)org

As with most scams around at the moment, you can happily switch out one subject matter for another – the final destination is always the same. Netflix, Steam, Facebook videos, international tragedies….the ubiquitous survey gateway is ever present.

I wonder what the person using the above site will see at the end of the “account generation” process?



Netflix themed sites come along every now and then [1], [2], and their large userbase ensures they’re a popular target for scammers.

Always be wary when presented with supposedly free accounts – remember that there’s something in it for the person offering them up, and it could be anything from survey scam affiliate cash and fakeouts to phishing and malware attacks.

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

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