The new year may be just around the corner but it's business as usual online, where a hacking group taking up 50 pages of Zone-H archives with a mixture of politically charged messages and more general webpage admin warnings have, er, hacked the website of musician Bryan Adams (please forgive them, they know not what they do) in an apparent attempt to encourage him to do a concert in Bangladesh.

The message on his website (now cleaned up) read as follows:
You totally rocked our Bangladesh in 2011 world-cup ceremony..we love you so much, did you forget about our country?

we just wanted to give you this message through your website that we Bangladeshis really want to see your rocking concert again in 2015

please come to our country we will give you a warm welcome and this time, we're sure you'll witness how much we love you!

Did you ever really love a rock star? Because these guys do.

Anyway, I don't think breaking his website is probably the right strategy to use when attempting to lure musicians over for a quick concert, but stranger things have happened.

Poor Bryan has now had his site compromised 3 years on the run, with defacements in mid 2012 and just before Christmas in 2013.

Hopefully by next year the admin responsible for the page will be able to stop this thing the hackers have started, because I'm running out of song titles.

Christopher Boyd