A Week in Security (Apr 05 - 11)

A Week in Security (Jan 18 – 24)

Last week, the security industry honed in on exploits, specifically a newly found zero-day malware against Adobe Flash Player. Senior Security Researcher Jérôme Segura discussed this clearly and concisely in this blog post. The vulnerability the exploit was designed to take advantage of was designated CVE-2015-0311, and it was recently patched. If you want to learn more about exploits and how big a threat they are to user systems, a great recommended reading would be “Exploit Kits: A Fast Growing Threat“, also penned by Segura.

Fellow senior in the security research field, Nathan Collier, spotted and documented a rogue wallpaper app on Google Play that, once installed on mobile devices, can steal account details from users.

Security Researcher Christopher Boyd reminded us once more to be vigilant when in social networks as threats remain: one from Tumblr, which posed as a Tumblr app users can download. The file was found to transform affected accounts to bots; and lastly from Facebook, which is a re-appearance of Facebook Color, this time in red.

Notable news stories and security related happenings:

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