A Week in Security (Apr 05 - 11)

A Week in Security (Mar 15 – 21)

It’s time for your weekly roundup of news and blog posts from the week just gone.

First up, the most recent set of blog posts:

* A supposedly cracked version of Minecraft which is actually a PUP installer. * Facebook phishers mixing data theft with a display of contrition. * A Bank of America phish which will harvest a wealth of personal information from the unwary. * Nuclear Exploit Kit makes a return to the blog, and Flash exploits are the name of the game. * Scammers target those interested in new WhatsApp voice services.

From around the web:

* A man on the run can’t help posting some selfies as he goes. * Job seeker emails become the hot new form of Ransomware bait, striking fear into the hearts of HR departments everywhere. * We’re still trying to replace passwords

. * The costs associated with a DDoS attack can be a little bit terrifying. * Google Play app submissions are now going to be manually checked, which will hopefully reduce the possibility of bad things wandering onto the store. * Buying dubious things on the Dark Web isn’t a good idea. Who knew! * Scammers pretend to be the IRS in a new round of fake phonecall action.

Stay safe!

Malwarebytes Labs Team