Stop!t: The Newest App To Curb Cyberbullying

Stop!t: The Newest App To Curb Cyberbullying

Apps created by a parent has been popping up on state news now and then for the past few months.

A mom from Houston who created Ignore No More, a mobile app designed to completely shut down a phone should kids choose not to answer calls or text messages from parents, may have come to mind.

Or the dad from Arizona who built a company around My Job Chart, which enables parents to assign jobs to their kids, helping them earn points that translates to money.

And what about the father from Brentwood behind Remember the Kids, another unique and helpful app that reminds parents who may accidentally leave or lock their kids inside cars?

Recently, a parent from New York have found a way to help teens report cyberbullying, whether it’s happening to them or to someone else: Stop!t.

According to an article on Fast Coexist, Stop!t is “designed to make it as simple as possible for students to anonymously report Facebook taunts or tormenting text messages that parents or schools might not otherwise see.”

Todd Schobel, the founder and creator of the app, in an interview said that the story of Amanda Todd inspired him to come up with a solution for cyberbullying.

The newest version of Stop!t, which is set to launch in spring, will have a new “panic button” feature that allows users to report cyberbullying quickly and easily. They don’t have to load the app in order to do this.

Another nifty feature allows users to report physical bullying by either capturing pictures of the bully or recording the entire event via video.

With cyberbullying doubling in certain parts of the globe, having an app like this on hand would not only encourage users to come forward anonymously but hopefully bullies online and off would think twice before making a move against their targets.

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