Malwarebytes joins the Online Trust Alliance

Malwarebytes joins the Online Trust Alliance

Online security is a serious matter. But it isn’t a one-person type of job.

Which is why, today, we’re joining up with the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) as part of their Advisory Council to help make the internet a safer place and to protect users’ online security, privacy and identity.

We’ve previously teamed up with other security companies and blogs, including OTA, for The Identity Theft Council’s 100 Cities and 100 Days event to bring community awareness about identity theft, privacy and cybercrime.

Followers of our Malwarebytes Unpacked blog know that cyber criminals are getting more and more creative in trying to steal users’ info and identity.

Whether through fake giveaways, pretty elaborate phishing attempts, fake tech support, or social engineering, one can only be on defense from cyber-attacks for so long before needing to switch to offense and going after the cybercriminals, which is why we thought it was so important to join OTA.

Since 2005, OTA, a non-profit organization aiming to enhance online trust and user empowerment, have been teaming up with other industry leaders to help fight online fraud and protect users.

According to OTA, they have members from a large variety of industries including social media (Twitter), content publishing (WebMD) and interactive marketing (Publishers Clearing House). Combined, OTA members’ input provides powerful insights leading to the development of best practices, online innovation and effective legislation.

Two other privacy and cybersecurity companies, Disconnect and ThreatWave, and Gap, Inc. as well, are also joining OTA today and committing to fight for online trust.

You can read the full press release from OTA here.


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