Scammers Spam Steam's Artwork Gallery

Scammers Spam Steam’s Artwork Gallery

We’ve spotted a new spamming trend on Steam wherein likely spammy accounts take advantage of the gaming platform’s Artwork service.

These accounts upload publicly viewable images and give it descriptions along with external links, either leading directly to a fake online video streaming service like OfficialStreamTV or a second launchpad, usually a page hosted on a free blogging platform, such as Blogspot.

Here is a screenshot of a destination page that users are redirected to should they click the link:


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And below are just some of the screenshots we’ve seen:

Although a scam like this on Steam may appear less harmful compared to the fake and malicious game demo we’ve read about last week, do note that sites like OfficalStreamTV ask for personally identifiable information (PII) and payments details. Only give this kind of information to sites you highly trust.

To acquaint yourself with other video streaming scams, please refer to lists here and here, which were compiled by concerned users.

Steam users, be on the lookout for similar spam on the gallery. Reporting the spammy accounts to Steam is a step in eliminating the spread of this scam.

Jovi Umawing


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