Look out for PUPs claiming to be GOG Galaxy Client

Look out for PUPs claiming to be GOG Galaxy Client

In less than 30 hours after Good Old Games (GOG) announced that its fully optional client, GOG Galaxy, has entered the open beta stage, we have already seen some posts online of download locations for the client outside the GOG.com domain.

We can only ask you, dear Gamer, to exercise caution when visiting and downloading from such sites as they might be serving a file you don’t want installed on your system. Below is an example:


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Once users click the Download now button, they are directed to pages that users need to interact with:

The Second destination page above has a timer, so it’s required that users click Download before the third destination appears. The Third destination page will not appear if the timer runs out or the user missed clicking the button. If this happens, no file will be downloaded.

Below is a screenshot of what the file looks like and its details:


When the file is executed, it initially displays a GUI that indicates that it’s initializing, and then an error window pops up. Suffice to say, nothing is installed in the end.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware detects the file as PUP.Optional.Amonetize.

Parties interested in beta testing GOG Galaxy are advised to visit the official page here and join.

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