There's getting straight to the point, and then there's this:

Email spam

The email, titled "Download", simply says:

Download virus
and contains a link to a Wordpress blog:


We've seen a number of these doing the rounds this morning, and they all appear to link to the same blog.


Now that we've established that somebody really wants you to download a virus, here comes the promised twist - the site being linked doesn't appear to be peddling any kind of infection.

In fact, it seems to be a blog about alleged "financial scams" - complete with names, screenshots and a wealth of other information.

The blog linked in email spam

Okay, it's not exactly M. Night Shyalaman in terms of a major plot swerve but it's still a bit out of left field.

Could it be that an entity named on the site is attempting to take some revenge by associating the URL with a "virus" run?

If so, they've waited a long time to do it as the last post was back in 2014. All the same, my slightly obvious tip of the day: never, ever click random links in spam emails which ask you to download a virus. It's just not very sensible...

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Daniel for the email sample)