A Week in Security (Apr 05 - 11)

A Week in Security (Jul 19 – Jul 25)

We begin our look back at last week with a message: time to patch.

With the critical patch alert out of the way, we’re now free to take a peek at some of the other things we blogged about. There was a deep dive into the realm of Alternate Data Streams, and elsewhere we poked around so-called “Facebook Marketing” sites which shared phone numbers with potentially dubious tech support pages. We wandered into Mac land with warnings of privilege escalation vulnerabilities, a curious file aimed its crosshairs at users of videogame streaming service Twitch, and Microsoft joined a number of other big players in taking revenge porn peddlers to task.

Here’s some of the notable security stories from the last seven days:

Safe surfing, everyone!

The Malwarebytes Labs Team