Facebook Marketing, A New Method for Scammers?

Facebook Marketing, A New Method for Scammers?

It appears that those who have been (and still are) involved in technical support scams have took on a new role to play: Facebook Marketers.


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Facebook Marketing, Get More Like

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The dodgy site above belongs to MediaSol[.]in, a domain created less than a month ago to offer free advise to any business or individual willing to get more Likes to their Facebook profiles.

We have found that the email address used to register the said domain is also used to apply other equally dodgy domains that, unsurprisingly, claim to handle technical support for services offered by mainstream brands like Amazon and Microsoft. Some of these domains are also fake browser blue screen of death (BSoD) sites, which our senior threat researcher, Jérôme Segura, had discussed in technical detail a couple of days ago.

Here’s another Facebook Marketing site being served on MediaGuru[.]us that also appear to use the same toll free number:


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Below are screenshots of supposed tech support sites with the same contact number:

The toll free number on these sites has a record on a directory of unknown calls site, which can often be an indicator of numbers and services you’d be better off avoiding, that you may want to read about. Apparently, the number has been used to make cold calls for various reasons.

We advise readers to avoid calling back or receiving calls from the toll free number above. If you can, please block them on your phones.

For businesses and individuals who are looking into hiring help to promote their pages on Facebook, make sure to do your own research about the company first before approaching or giving them a call. There are also other free and safe ways to get assistance. However one decides to approach this, minimizing the likelihood of fraud or scam should be a factor to consider.

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