Don't Get Stuck on WhatsApp Stickers...

Don’t Get Stuck on WhatsApp Stickers…

We’ve spotted a WhatsApp scam using the same general template as the previously covered WhatsApp Elegant Gold, located at


which asks for your WhatsApp Number in return for some “stickers“. You typically have to pay for stickers via a number of Apps, so potential freebies are always going to pull in some eyeballs.

Whatsapp Stickers?

It follows the familiar pattern of “Spam a bunch of people and we’ll give you what you want”, complete with inevitable Shyamalan-style plot twist at the end (no, your phone wasn’t a ghost the whole time).

Here’s the spam request:

Spam request


Invite 3 WhatsApp groups and 5 friends…you’ll have to invite a minimum of 3 groups or 5 active friends one by one

Here’s the WhatsApp spam message you’ll be sending to friends:

Spam message

Hey, I am inviting you to Activate Stickers for WhatsApp. Click here to activate — > [URL]

The final destination in testing wasn’t so much “WhatsApp Stickers” as it was “Advert for a Messaging App”:

As with other sites of a similar nature, we advise you to not bother and stick to legit apps on your mobile store of choice if you really want to plaster your texts with images. All you’ll get for your time and trouble with these websites are adverts, PUPs and surveys (also, your phone was totally a ghost the whole time).

Christopher Boyd (Thanks Steven)


Christopher Boyd

Former Director of Research at FaceTime Security Labs. He has a very particular set of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare for threats like you.