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“Casino Online Award” 419 Scam…

Steer clear of the below 419 mail which reads as though it can’t quite decide how you’ve come to win, so it throws everything from lotteries and power balls to casinos and email draws into the mix in the hope that something sticks.

The mail, titled “Re: kifq”, reads as follows and is at least a little bit more intelligible than the header:

Congratulations!!!!" You have won £3000.000.00 from SilverSands Casino Online Promotions"

We wish you success in our SilverSands Casino Online Award Promotions/Email Internet Program held in Republic of South Africa Announcement made today, Your Email Address was attached to Reference No: 04 08 09 11 36 50, Drew the Lucky winning No 11- 15 -16 -19 -22 -03 from 800,000 Email Addresses consequently won in the 1st Category. You have therefore Been Approved to claim a Star Prize of £3000.000.00 Three Million Pounds in cash credited to Power Ball No: 23 25-30-45-50-MB/2015. Below are:

Winning Reference No: 04 08 09 11 36 50 Lucky winning No: 11- 15 -16 -19 -22 -03 Power Ball No: 23 25-30-45-50-MB/2015. Amount Won: £3000,000.00 Payment File Number of Deposit (NB/0599880 YX,PCB 05)

To claim Your Winning Prize Contact Mrs. Rebecca Anderson Claim Director in our Paying Bank in South Africa for Immediate Release of your fund

Contact Person: Mrs. Rebecca Anderson Telephone: Email:

You are hereby advice to Contact Mrs. Rebecca Anderson Tel: and Email: for your claim and send your information below with your winning details immediately via email to process your payment.

Full Names: Gender: City: Country: Direct Mobile: Age: Occupation: Alternative Email: Reference No:

This Program is Sponsored and Supported by South African Lotto Authority.

Congratulations'' Once again from all our Staff and thank you for being part of our Promotions Program.

Yours Truly, Mrs. Grace Jones Promotion Manager. SilverSands Casino Online Promotions South Africa

Casino lotto spam

It appears earlier versions of this spam mail were floating around in July of this year, with “Mr Dave Brown” being listed as the Promotions Manager.

Regardless of who happens to be named, this isn’t something you probably want to start responding to, what with it being the first step of a 419 scam. Requests for money transfer can be expected after the initial request for personal details, and things tend to go horribly wrong at that point.

If your mail provider is already depositing this into the spam folder, you can happily keep it in there. For everyone else, just delete it and go about your day. You won’t regret it…

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

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