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Pizza, Pasta and Replica Watches

What’s on the menu?

Spam, and not the good kind.

Menu spam

Unfortunately for the above pizza and pasta eatery, they have a number of fake watches sitting under the sides and salad selection. I like my burgers well done, but I can’t say I want my watches extra crunchy.

The links lead to various websites, but none of them are working.

However, from the front page of the site in question:

Watches galore

At the bottom of the “New” section, we have an additional selection of fake watches / rolex replicas. While some of the links are now inactive, here’s one which is still very much offering up wrist-related jewellery:


This looks like a page on a compromised website. Additionally, none of the images load – this page is trying to pull them from the URL listed on the page, bestwatchuk(dot)com. We tried to take a look at the site, but visiting it just redirects to



There we have it, then – pizza, watches and handbags. Not quite what you might have been expecting when attempting to stave off some hunger pangs, but then website compromises happen in the oddest places. While there doesn’t appear to be any rogue code or anything harmful on the above eatery website, there’s always the possibility the hackers could come back and serve up something extra malicious. It’s always a good idea to have some security tools running on your PC, alongside your chosen operating system being kept up to date.

Don’t let your personal safety go off the boil…

Christopher Boyd


Christopher Boyd

Former Director of Research at FaceTime Security Labs. He has a very particular set of skills. Skills that make him a nightmare for threats like you.