Malwarebytes Unpacked Nominated for Best Corporate Security Blog

Vote for Malwarebytes Labs: European Security Blogger Awards 2016

The massive security happening that is Infosec Europe is due to take place next month (June 7-9), and I’ll be in attendance alongside Pieter and Jovi for both Infosec Europe and the 2016 Security Blogger Awards.

Last year, we picked up our first award at the EU Security Blogger Awards, and now – thanks to your nominations – we’re in line to potentially pick up some more.

The successful nominees for this year’s awards have been revealed, and we’re very pleased to announce we’re in the running for the following categories:

1 Best corporate security blog

2 Best European corporate security blog

8 Most entertaining blog

9 Most educational blog

12 Grand Prix prize for best overall security blog

I’ve also had my (personal) Twitter feed nominated for Best EU Security Tweeter (category 11).

This is a fantastic batch of nominations, and we’re honoured that you’ve suggested us for so many categories. We do our very best to ensure we provide you with a non-stop mix of breaking news, deep-dive security analysis, PUPs, and more besides – we’re proud to do our part helping you battle Malware makers and scammers in the trenches on a daily basis, both at home and in the office.

Should you wish to vote for us, please go here and select your categories of choice – the voting is open until 3rd June (midnight GMT), and we’re grateful for each and every vote you cast our way!

Christopher Boyd