Malwarebytes teams up with Cybersecurity Factory

Malwarebytes teams up with Cybersecurity Factory

Malwarebytes is proud to support Cybersecurity Factory, a 10-week summer program for early-stage cybersecurity companies. This program runs in collaboration with Highland Capital Partners provides teams with a $35,000 convertible note investment, office space, and dedicated security mentorship from industry leaders at leading companies throughout the United States.

Security software startups face several unique challenges. The advantage of new technologies is hard to communicate, and can be even harder to demonstrate, to customers. Reputation is paramount, but can be damaged overnight. Sales models are rapidly evolving, and keeping up with them requires both agility and experimentation. Despite these challenges, hackers are continuously trying to penetrate systems and exploit vulnerabilities. There is a strong need for security innovation to stay ahead of these attackers.

Cybersecurity Factory is attempting to fulfill this need by providing the support and mentoring to help teams with business and product strategy and to help them build a network of entrepreneurs and investors to identify key opportunities in the security market. During the summer, each team will work closely with our security mentors and potential customers to produce and improve a marketable prototype.

Applications are open! The early deadline is 3/6 and the program will accept applications on a rolling basis until 3/20.

If anyone has questions about Cybersecurity Factory, don’t hesitate to email the team at

As a leading security provider, Malwarebytes is excited to help facilitate and support new innovation in the security market to keep users and companies safe.