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FTC providing partial refunds for Advanced Tech Support victims

Last month, the FTC announced the recovery of 10 million dollars from Advanced Tech Support, one of the most successful US-based tech support scammers ever. This money will be put towards partial refunds for victims of ATS who purchased products or services from them between April 2012 and November 2014. Per the FTC announcement, the deadline for a refund is October 27. To repeat:

The deadline for a refund application is October 27.

Restitution from Advanced Tech Support is notable because most scams based in the United States structure their finances such that only a small core of founders ever see a significant profit. These founders then tend to spend most of their money on extravagant parties, vacations, and other ostentatious displays of wealth – leaving very little to recover. Due to these factors, it’s noteworthy that the FTC was able to recover any significant amount of money at all.

Advanced Tech Support, otherwise known as Inbound Call Experts, has had a lengthy history with Florida law enforcement and the FTC. Check out their case history here, where you can follow the long road it took to bring this company to justice.  And remember:

The deadline for a refund application is October 27.


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