Gartner recognizes Malwarebytes as "visionary" in the Magic Quadrant

Gartner recognizes Malwarebytes as “visionary” in the Magic Quadrant

I’m proud to announce that Gartner has recognized Malwarebytes as a “visionary” in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms. Malwarebytes was selected for its completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Our goal is to give every user a malware-free experience and empower them to navigate safely across devices at work and at home now and well into the future. With threats increasing in both size and scale, it’s clear that traditional solutions have been insufficient at protecting the endpoint. Enterprises are realizing the need to re-evaluate their approach to defending the endpoint and have come to Malwarebytes because of our demonstrated understanding of the threat landscape and execution toward a vision of a unified solution to manage the entire threat life cycle: protection, detection, and response.

The Gartner EPP MQ report notes that Malwarebytes offers strong protection capabilities at an attractive price point. As proof, organizations are deploying the full portfolio of Malwarebytes endpoint protection and remediation security software widely across their operations. During the past 12 months, Malwarebytes experienced a seven-fold increase of large enterprise customers.

10 years delivering best-in-class protection

Malwarebytes recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary. For over a decade, we’ve built exceptional trust with our customers, from consumer to enterprise. We’ve been asked to solve the toughest problems—to bail out infected endpoints—when all else had failed. And with that visibility and insight over the years, we’ve honed our craft and developed the most comprehensive protection for the endpoint. We call it Multi-Vector Protection (MVP).

The road to MVP began when we realized that no single approach could be effective against the plethora of techniques the attackers would be leveraging. Some would deliver payloads by exploiting vulnerabilities, others would conduct targeted spying campaigns in order to drop the most effective malware. Some got around all security barriers with the click of a malicious email attachment. We had to provide comprehensive protection by defending against those and a variety of other attack vectors. That’s why MVP features seven layers of threat detecting, blocking, and removing technology.

It’s this approach that enabled us to protect our customers against threats, such as the high-profile ransomware attacks that made headlines throughout 2017.

What’s next

Great technology and advanced features are for naught if they aren’t deployed or used properly. So a big focus here at Malwarebytes is to ensure that while we’re developing best-of-breed technologies, we’re also making them easy to use. Part of that includes keeping our customers aware of the latest developments in malware and in our products’ ability to protect against it. So while this is in an exciting moment for us here at Malwarebytes, there’s no resting on our laurels.

Stay tuned to learn more about our latest developments in the fight against cybercrime.


Marcin Kleczynski

CEO and Co-Founder of Malwarebytes

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