data breach epidemic

The data breach epidemic: no info is safe

By now it’s obvious that data security technology and protocols haven’t kept pace with the needs of consumers. Even as more people trust their most sensitive personal information to online apps and services, databases are routinely exposed. In 2017 alone, we learned about massive data breaches from major organizations like Equifax, Uber, and Verizon.

In other words: We’re in the midst of a data breach epidemic.

How bad is it? To help better understand the leaky state of data, TruthFinder created this infographic based on data from the Identity Theft Center. In 2005, there were 157 publicly-reported data breaches of sensitive information. By 2017, that number increased tenfold to 1,579 data breaches.

The severity of breaches is increasing, too. The first breach that leaked over 1 million credit card numbers occurred in 2005, but now we hear about breaches that expose tens or hundreds of millions of records every few months.

Check out TruthFinder’s infographic below. It provides an idea of the serious challenge that security professionals face as they work to turn the tide and secure personal information.


data breach epidemic


Logan Strain

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