"A Man Jumped on the Mall" Facebook Scam

Millions of accounts affected in latest Facebook hack

Update (2018-10-18): According to the Wall Street Journal, the hack on Facebook was perpetrated by spammers rather than a nation state. Facebook also revised its numbers down, saying that about 30 million accounts had been compromised.

Facebook announced earlier today that its social network had been hacked, resulting in 40 million accounts that were directly impacted, while another 50 million were also considered to be potentially affected.

Attackers exploited a feature in Facebook called “View As,” which essentially shows how your profile looks to others. The flaw enabled them to get ahold of so-called Access Tokens, which allowed them to be logged in as genuine Facebook users without having to use their password.

The feature has for now being turned off and the underlying vulnerability fixed. A law enforcement investigation is ongoing to determine the full scope of this hack and identify the eventual perpetrators.

Facebook says they have taken actions and that there is no need for users to reset their passwords, although it is a good opportunity remind users that passwords should be complex and not reused across multiple services.

We recommend people follow the Facebook hack story to get a better idea of what exactly was accessed and take the necessary precautions. We will keep Labs readers informed of further developments.