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Introducing VideoBytes, by Malwarebytes Labs

We have exciting news for avid readers of Malwarebytes Labs: This week, we’re launching a new, monthly video series that will feature the research, insights, and commentary of our own Adam Kujawa, security evangelist and a director for Malwarebytes Labs.

Welcome to VideoBytes, our little corner of threat cinema on the web.

The stories we’ll cover in VideoBytes will be similar to the trustworthy news coverage you’re using to finding here on Malwarebytes Labs. We’ll cover major hacks, unveil new data about emerging threats, dive deep into deepfakes, and, for just a handful of videos, we’ll look back on some of our earlier coverage here on Malwarebytes Labs, but with more information, more discussion, and more to tell.

All of this will come to you from Adam Kujawa, who, if you haven’t seen him before, you’ve likely heard talk on several topics. He’s been a frequent guest on our podcast Lock and Code, helping listeners understand the nuances of security hubris and how it can harm their businesses, and diving into the complicated world of data security today.

VideoBytes will follow a long tradition here at Malwarebytes Labs of presenting the information that readers want in an easy-to-find, reliable package. When readers wanted to learn more about specific malware threats, we developed our “Explained” series. When we realized that readers needed more information about the litany of technology products that could enter their homes, we release our “Please Don’t Buy This” series.

For VideoBytes, we’ll deliver new videos to you every month, and you can expect our first video as early as tomorrow, in which we’ll talk to you directly about the recent Twitter hack. You also won’t have to wait long for our next video, which will drop the day after, in which we will explore the evolution of ransomware in recent months.

We’ll see you again soon, and, for perhaps your first time ever, you’ll see us.