A week in security (Sept 20 – Sept 26)

A week in security (Sept 20 – Sept 26)

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Other cybersecurity news

  • UK ministry of defence apologises – again – after another major email blunder in Afghanistan (Source: The Register)
  • Database containing personal info of 106 million international visitors to Thailand exposed online (Source: Comparitech)
  • Fake WhatsApp backup message delivers malware to Spanish speakers’ devices (Source: The Daily Swig)
    Mobile phones of 5 French cabinet ministers infected by Pegasus malware (Source: France 24)
  • Ransomware dropping malware swaps phishing for sneaky new attack route (Source: ZDNet)
  • Phishing attacks more sophisticated, malicious emails time to coincide with periods of low energy and inattentiveness (Source: CPO magazine)
  • Keeping your data secure at work (Source: Minute Hack)

Stay safe, everyone!