Image showing Malwarebytes on various devices

Say hello to the fifth generation of Malwarebytes

Announcing the latest version of Malwarebytes, which brings a faster, responsive, and consistent user interface, integrated security and privacy, and expert guidance to keep you secure.

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Unified user experience across platforms 

The new generation of Malwarebytes now delivers a consistent user experience across all our desktop and mobile platforms. The reimagined user interface is faster, more responsive, and managed through an intuitive dashboard, giving you a streamlined experience wherever you use Malwarebytes. 

Why? Sophisticated hacking tactics and various entry points mean you can’t afford to have blind spots in your protection. A seamless experience across all platforms and devices means you don’t have to figure out more than once about what to do next. We’ve also made it easier to find everything, encouraging you to keep your guard up on all your devices. 

2. Premium Security and Privacy VPN integration 

We’ve merged our award-winning Premium Security and ultra fast no-log Privacy VPN into a single dashboard, making it much easier for you to take control of your privacy. With just one click, you can now protect your Wi-Fi or hotspot connections and change your location to visit the site you want at the speed you need. Don’t forget to also use Browser Guard on your desktop to block ad trackers and scam sites from your browser.  

Why? We know that the distinction between security and privacy is not clear-cut, and you need both products to work together to minimize your exposure (risk of threats and lack of privacy). Integrating the two makes it much easier to protect both your devices and data (at home and on the go), with an easy set-and-forget experience that doesn’t require adding another program.  You shouldn’t have to guess whether the next attack will compromise your Wi-Fi connection, browser, or files through phishing emails, spyware, or malware. Let the technology do this for you.  

3. Trusted Advisor, your security coach  

On the Malwarebytes dashboard, Trusted Advisor provides unbiased expert guidance at your fingertips. Your easy-to-understand individual Protection Score enables you to act on any potential security gaps, unlocking the full power of technology.

Why? In our recent report, “Everyone’s afraid of the internet, and no one’s sure what to do about it,” we found that only half of the people surveyed felt confident they knew how to stay safe online, and even fewer said they were taking the right measures to protect themselves. Trusted Advisor empowers you with real-time insights, an easy-to-read protection score, and expert guidance that puts you in control of your security and privacy.  We’re by your side guiding you through what to do next to fill your security gaps for each device and platform (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS).

Try it for free! Download the latest version here.