Introducing Lock and Code: a Malwarebytes Labs podcast

Introducing Lock and Code: a Malwarebytes Labs podcast

Intrepid Labs readers might be happy to know that we’re stepping into territory long-requested and desired: we’re launching a podcast.

Malwarebytes researchers and reporters are on the front lines of cybercrime, delivering both fast-breaking news and thoughtful features on our blog to raise awareness and help users stay safe and private online. We want to take what we do here and bring it to a new medium so that even more folks can incorporate cybersecurity lessons into their daily lives.

As our real world and online world continue to blend, staying secure and aware are ever more critical in defending against attacks from criminals and encroachment on privacy from big tech. And that’s why, every two weeks, we’ll be breaking down the top headlines into easily digestible soundbytes and inviting marquee experts, both in-house and outside, to dive deep into some of the more complex issues.

Take a listen to the trailer for our podcast—Lock and Code—for a taste of things to come:

Tune in next Monday, March 2, for the first episode of Lock and Code, where host David Ruiz will break down news from the RSA floor, plus talk with the annual conference’s Director of Content and Curation Britta Glade on this year’s theme: the human element.